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or you may leave a comment below.


If you’d like to order a book please e-mail your request
and complete postal address to:


and you’ll receive a reply with the address
to which you can send your cheque
in Canadian funds,
made payable to “The Estate of Norma McGuire”.


For Canadian mail orders:

  • Book price:  $18.00

  • Postage & Envelope: $4.00 per book

Total per book:  $22.00 CDN


For U.S. mail orders:

  • Book price: $18.00

  • Postage & Envelope: $9.00 per book

Total per book:  $27.00 CDN

For any other international destinations please enquire via e-mail.





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    • Thanks Shari! It wouldn’t be happening if it wasn’t for your Mom. She has done so much.. and is still doing. I would be lost without her!

      Thanks for commenting!

      Love, Auntie Norma.

  1. Thanks Ra… Dad turned the light on tonight when Danny was here and we were talking about Johhny, so I think he approves!

  2. Love the snippets of character from the book as well as the plot teasers. You’ll make a great blogger. Will pray for an agent/publisher for the book. Sounds like it’s too good to miss.

  3. What a beautiful book you have created! I’m here from Carol Garvin’s website and am just delighted to find out more about you (after all, we prayed for you last year) and to catch a glimpse of your new publication. How do we order? Do you have a Paypal account?

    • Thank you for your kind words, Diana. Norma really appreciated all those prayers!

      If you’ll e-mail your book order to her at the above Gmail account and provide your postal address, she’ll reply to your message with her postal address so you can send a cheque in Canadian funds for $27. On receipt of the cheque she’ll forward the book. She doesn’t have a PayPal account, but this method seems to be working pretty well.

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