“Oh, boy! Is it a real, honest to goodness treasure map?”


“You can bet your salt it is,” replied the old sea captain. “It’s one of Captain Morgan’s maps, and if I were younger, and had a boat of my own, I’d go and search for it and take a chance on finding the treasure.  But, I’m too old now. You’re young, Johnny. You and Mr. Fredericks have been kind to me. You take the map and find the treasure.” *

When orphaned Johnny Applegate is discovered asleep under a tarp in the dinghy of Mr. Fredericks’ fishing boat, it’s the start of a unique partnership. Their many exploits together begin when they’re given an ancient map and go searching for treasure. Before long they encounter a scoundrel called Black Pete and a family of friendly dragons. 

They rescue a millionaire and his niece from a plane crash on an iceberg, buy an island with the reward money, and build a home that features a secret underwater cave.  Soon every day becomes an adventure in this fanciful story for young boys and girls and reluctant readers of any age.


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the stories of H.C. “Mickey” McGuire, written and illustrated by Norma G. McGuire